Ab Rocket Twister – Is It Really That Good?

First of all, thanks for stopping by at the Ab Rocket Twister Review. I’m sure you’re just like me in looking for some magic way of getting rid of belly fat and ‘love handles’ but have always fallen short of finding the right answer.



I made this site as I found it saddening that nice meals and snacks suddenly start to really have a nasty way of creating a pot belly which is so difficult to get rid of, so I’ve pieced together some research on this ab machine to find out if it’s as good as what the company’s website says it is. I’m sure I’m not the only one that likes/needs to read up on products that promise the world but end up being a scam or do absolutely nothing. Believe me, I’ve got a garage full of ‘em!

This Is How It’s Supposed to Work

OK, so you’ve obviously been looking at ways to trim down and lose those wobbly bits around your stomach, which is exactly what I wanted. As I said, I like to know what I’m buying and what it does, without all of the hyped-up sales patter. Or at least, see if it does what it says it will…
Apparently, Mel B aka “Scary Spice” from the Spice Girls and some cage fighter guy have used the Ab Rocket Twister and swear by it, but celebs do anything to get some attention don’t they, so it’s hardly convincing. What was surprising when I was digging for information was that it supports your back and neck when you use it, so you don’t have to strain anything, which sounds good.
The Ab Rocket Twister is endorsed by chiropractors and has had university research done, which shows that it does actually allow you to really work your stomach muscles both on the way up and down. When you take the stability pin out, you can do the twist exercise which I know for a fact does really work your oblique stomach muscles. I suppose that’s why Scary Spice has such sexy abs?
I’m sure you’ve seen a similar machine in the gym, which you hook your legs under the padded leg section and you lean back, which tenses your stomach muscles? It’s a good exercise but the padded bar that goes across your back can really press into it. The Ab Rocket Twister is a similar thing but it has individual padded sections which help support your spine.
Do Ab Crunches Really Work?
The twisting motion builds muscle quickly as it helps lengthen and tone those side muscles that are usually the first places to get flabby. I can see why the up and down resistance of the machine will work the muscles twice as hard, because it’s like being pushed and pulled, which you need to steady yourself and that’s what makes it a tough little exercise machine. Think about it, there’s not many other ways you can tone your stomach muscles other than a nicely controlled crunch.
The way I see the machine working is:
It gives resistance when you lean back and crunch forward, doubling your efforts.
The twisting motion tightens and tones the side muscles on your stomach.
It protects your back and neck from injury, which normal crunches don’t.
5 minutes of intense ab workouts is all that’s needed a day as they are small muscles and wear out quickly.
Are Regular People Seeing Results Rather Than Just Celebs?
You can see by looking at the pictures and reading the testimonials on the Ab Rocket Twister website is that people lose 4” off their waste and 30lbs in weight, but I think that sometimes they are made up, so I went hunting around the web for hours looking for some genuine reviews and found:
“Got my Ab Rocket Twister yesterday. I used it last night and this morning by stomach muscles are quite sore. Even my lower back muscles hurt! So the good thing is that the machine obviously works. The bad thing is that you might not realize that you’re overdoing it. Be careful if you buy the Ab Rocket Twister and start off slow and progress from there!”
Rebekah York from the Buzzpunching forum
And from the Walmart Reviews section, gbdug13 from Green Bay, WI said:
“Makes it easy to work the abs. Glad I bought it. Spending that kinda cash on it makes me want to use it. Seven days and I see and feel the results.”
It seems that you need to watch the DVD and be careful when using it as it really works the abs. As with any exercise I suppose, you need to not overdo it.
Buying the Ab Rocket Twister
While it seems it can have a fairly positive effect on your abs and getting rid of your tummy, it’s surprising that a simple ‘rocking chair’ looking thing can do it. As you can see, I needed to look around first before making my mind up on the Ab Rocket Twister.
As it comes with a meal plan and a 5 in 1 cardio workout DVD, it does seem like you need to have a half decent diet and do other exercises to get the results that are shown, but there’s nothing like a big of hard work, is there?