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Ultra Slim Plus

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Take one tablet, two times daily of ULTRA SLIM PLUS before meals with one or two full glass of water or as directed by our experts. Do some exercise at least three times a week, even a regular walk is also recommended? For MAXIMUM results take three tablets daily and you will start losing weight after 10 days. Take healthy diet and split your meal into 6 meals , instead of 3 meals. Try to avoid soft drinks. Take fruits till afternoon or maximum till evening and avoid taking them at night. You may take little portion of desserts, if you feel sugar craving at evening or night time.


 Yerba Mate, Green Tea 50%, Orange Citrus Ext, Guarana, Multi mineral AAP powder, Chickweed powder, Citrimax, Foti powder, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Kelp powder, Spinach Powder, Uva Ursi leaf Powder, White willow Bark, Panax Gingeng, Propolis Ext 2X powder, Chromate, Vit B12 etc.




YERB MATE is a high potency Anti oxidant. It acts as a high quality anti-obesity natural ingredient.

GREEN TEA EXTRACT is worldwide known as a weight loss herbal extract. A recent study in Birmingham University has shown that average fat oxidation was 17% higher with green tea as compared to placebo. It is also used to promote digestion and has scavenging effects on free radicals.It lowers LDL by reducing Triglycerides and improves HDL. Dr Nicholas Perriclaim in famous THE OPRAH WINFRY SHOW claims that one can lose 10 lbs (4.5 kg) in 4 weeks by taking green tea instead of coffee.

CITRIMAX  contains HYDROXICITRIC ACID (HCA) and is used as Natural weight loss aid. Hydroxycitric acid is included in most of the world famous fat loss supplements.

GUARANA provides twice the amount of Caffeine as compare to coffee beans. A study in 2001, by the Obesity Research Center in New York has found that Guarana helps with weight and fat loss. In an 8 week study, where some of the subjects were given a supplement with Guarana. The subjects that were given the supplement produced greater reductions in hip circumference and fat levels.

CHROMIUM is required to utilize glucose in body and to overcome its deficiency due to low energy diets.


MULTI MINERAL AAP POWDER provides essential minerals and Vitamins to body during dieting or food restriction periods.

CHICK WEED POWDER being used for years to help various ailments such as indigestion.

FO-TI POWDER keeps heart and body cool and calm and alive and energetic.


GINKGO BILOBA POWDER is required to keep the blood circulation proper in vital organs especially in condition of low Glucose levels and to keep the memory active. The foods are synthetically prepared, devoid of natural organic components. This processed synthetic diet is rich in unhealthy fats and toxins. With such diet, the body requires detoxification and needs better circulation for better toxin removal. Ginkgo Biloba helping the nutrients get better absorbed and the toxins removal better than before. It makes the gastrointestinal muscles healthy and the gut movements improve hence doing the detoxification and colon cleansing thus helping into bodies extra fat reduction. 


ULTRA SLIM PLUS is a unique and  more potent WEIGHT LOSS formula. Extra strength herbal ingredients of ULTRA SLIM PLUS will reduce your HUNGER DESIRE , regulate your BODY METABOLISM and reduces weight naturally and more rapidly.


Results may veri By Individual.